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Sherita Sin

Co-founder, Creative Visionary

A native of RVA, Sherita has seen the city of Richmond evolve and really become an innovative place.  She believes that Central Virginia is up next to become the next great city for the filmmaking and creative storytelling industry. Sherita has a desire to help small businesses develop their Voice and Brand. She strives to propel these positive contributors to the local community, and as a result, builds a community of resources and people who support the cause.

Creating marketing campaigns, visual storytelling through video and pictures are the forms of art that Sherita thrives in. These mediums require a deeper understanding of the person or Brand that you are showcasing to the world to connect with. Sherita has been in the photography and videography field for 14 years and digital tools like laptops, cell phones and video games are like an extension of her.  Not only does Sherita develop, and create with these tools, but she also continues to learn and implement new practices. Today, social media is the platform that our society understands. Sherita believes you must adapt to survive in a world that’s addicted to visually appealing informational graphics. Creative minds have no limits, that’s why she is regarded as a Creative Visionary.

  • Social Media Trends 75%
  • Storytelling 80%
  • Leadership 95%

RJ Ross

Co-founder, Storytelling Guru

RJ has 10 + years’ experience in the Branding and Marketing world and had the opportunity to help build brands and spread the community reach of large and small companies on the East Coast such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Jules Reid, Chick-fil-a, and the City of Fairfax.

RJ believes that technology is not undermining real human interactions. Instead, it is exposing people for who they really are. He stands by his belief that everyone carries around the most powerful tool in their pocket, Smart Phones. They have changed the way we communicate, learn, and share. RJ helps companies and brands tell their story with compassion, that will connect to their audience in the most impactful way.

The Crowdfunding platform is a true test on how effective a company is at connecting with their audience and proof that they have a product worth getting behind. RJ see’s that there is a need for entertainment industry professionals to better tell their story, and is committed to bridging that gap.

  • Visual Communication 85%
  • Brand Transformation 90%
  • Design Trends 75%

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Right off the bat you will notice how different we are from your typical Agency. Magic Hour Stories is not only an extention of your team, but you also get our signiture personal touch.

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Before Magic Hour Stories takes on a new client, expectations are set, and we are committed to get your project finished on time as well as under budget.

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